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Estonia Tallinn Vetaran Winner'13 MULTI CH WillY Lee Osvald-Pepper

Posted by Irene on May 1st 2013

Dear, dear, dear dear....... MANU and Nora in Tallinn in April 2013


Veteran Winner of the Year 2012

Posted by Irene on May 1st 2013

This year again 4th time BEST VETERAN of our schnauzer club: "Manu" 12 years old C.I.B, NORD, FI, SE, NO, EE & LT CH, BALT, EE, LV & LT VCH, BALTVW-10, LTVW-10, WVW-10, EEW-11, EEW-12 Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper, owners Markku Vuorinen and Nora Ylikylä, congrats again - you are as superb as Manu!


Finnish Winner 2012 Show 9.12.2012

Posted by Irene on December 16th 2012

Sunday in black judge Harry Tast from Finland Our new "young and wild" boy "Maks" Panomaks X-Trail came with his breeder Yulia Vishnevskaja from Russia, where he had won with her two titles at the age of 15 months RUS CH and RKFCH. Winner Show he made another surprise winning at first the juniors and then the breed - titles Junior Winner 2012 and Winner 2012! Maks was also chosen in the breed ring among seven semifinalists. Owners of Panomaks X-Trail Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry. BOBANDBOS BOB, Winner 2012, Junior Winner 2012 RUS CH, RKFCH Panomaks X-Trail, judge Harry Tast, BOS, Winner 2012 Big Paw's Exit to Heaven photo Jin Kaakinen "@ansun kuvat"

MaksjunWinner yuliaMAKS Maks at first winning JW-2012 title and also photo with Yulia the breeder on Maks, photos: Mira Sundström and Kari Uutela

Helsinki Winner 2012 Show 8.12.2012

Posted by Irene on December 16th 2012

Strong Willy Lee veterans did quite well in Helsinki Winner 2012 show and me as a breeder very happy! In black and silvers judge Hans Lehtinen from Finland, expert in schnauzer breed. Helsinki Veteran Winner 2012 FIN&NO&EE CH FinnSg Willy Lee Umberto "Caro", owners Teija Viitala and Kari Uutela

HansjaCaroansunkuva isokeh jacaro Hans Lehtinen, Caro & Irene Häyry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the group ring with Caro, photo Teija Viitala photo Jin Kaakinen "@ansun kuvat"

Pepper and salts judge Kirsi Kentala: Our precious "Manu" Helsinki Veteran Winner 2012 C.I.B POHJ MVA FIN MVA SE MVA NO MVA EE MVA EE VMVA LT MVA LV VMVA LT VMVA BALT VMVA BALTVV-10 LTVV-10 MVV-10 EEVV-11 EEVV-12 WILLY LEE OSVALD-PEPPER, owners Markku Vuorinen and Nora Ylikylä On Sunday "Manu" won again title Veteran Winner 2012, judge Karl Eddie Berge from Norway

Manu messaripieni Manu and Nora

Turku INT Show and Speciality Show for Schnauzers 20.-21.10.2012

Posted by Irene on November 4th 2012

On Saturday black-and silvers judge John Constantine from USA: vet exc1, BM1, BOS, BOB vet FIN&N&EE CH Willy Lee Umberto "Caro", owners Teija Viitala and Kari Uutela

CarosivuilleTKU Judge John Constantine, Caro and Irene Häyry, breeder/handler

In pepper&salts judge Wyoma Clouss from USA vet exc1, BM4, BOB vet MULTI CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper "Manu", owners Markku Vuorinen and Nora Ylikylä

On Sunday Speciality Show

pepper&salts judge John Constantine, USA "Manu" vet exc1, BM3, BOB vet, BIS vet black-and-silvers judge Wyoma Clouss, USA "Caro" vet exc1, BM3, BOB vet, BIS vet 2

ManuBISsivuille caroBIS2 BIS 1 veteran and BIS 2 veteran in Turku Speciality Show 21.10.2012 Judge John Constantine, Manu and Nora Ylikylä owner/handler and Caro, Teija Uutela owner/handler Photos: Markku Vuorinen and Kari Uutela

Trip to Denmark Vejen 15.-16.9.2012

Posted by Irene on October 2nd 2012

A great show day in Vejen to our boy ULMUS MENGO CELEBRATION. On Saturday 15.9.2012 was judge Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham from GB and Ulmus was BOB, got CAC and CACIB -> and with this CAC he became Danish Champion and sugar at the bottom with this CACIB also INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! The next day Sunday was also a good day (C.I.B.) FI&EE&DK CH Ulmus Mengo Celebration was also BOB, CACIB judged by Dr. Otto Schimpf from Austria! Ulmus comes from Poland, breeder Oksana Kmiecik, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry, holder Seija Kontturi.

UlmusJasper photo: sinni kuvat.fi