Willy Lee

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Jämsänkoski 10.6.2007

Posted by Irene on June 15th 2007

Black and silvers, speciality judge Hilkka Salohalla BOB, CAC Willy Lee Ubertino, owners Kari Uutela and Teija Viitala, also handler Tino ROP Tino foto Kari Uutela Exc Ch1, best male 3 FIN CH Willy Lee Umberto Umberto Caro foto Heli Lillbacka Xtravaschnauza kennel

Speciality Show in Helsinki 9.6.2007

Posted by Irene on June 14th 2007

Black and silver, judge Maret Kärdi from Estonia NEW ISPUSIEGER, congratulations to Teija Virtaranta FIN CH, JUNW-02, IspuW-04, Finnsieger Willy Lee Avanti, breeder Irene Häyry, owner and handler Teija Virtaranta Vili ja Teija Willy Lee Avanti alias Vili foto Lauri Viitasalo Best male2, ch2 Willy Lee Avanti Best male3, jun1 Willy Lee Ubertino, owner and handler Teija Viitala Best male4, ch3 Willy Lee Umberto, owner and handler Teija Viitala Congratulations to all beautiful Willy Lee boys and handlers and owners! Tino as a puppy and his father Caro foto Kari Uutela

Tuuri 3.6.2007

Posted by Irene on June 14th 2007

Miniature schnauzers black, black and silver, salt&pepper judge Keijo Alén in blacks Exc2 FIN CH, Finnsg Willy Lee Black Rascal in black and silvers Exc2, CAC Willy Lee Be My Rainman in salt&peppers jun1, Exc2, res.CAC Willy Lee Vicky-Pepper Vicky Pepper04 foto Markku Vuorinen

Parainen 26.5.2007

Posted by Irene on May 26th 2007

In black and silvers, judge Cindy Pettersson, Sweden Amivsp Willy Lee Amico, BOS, CAC, owner and handler Tarja Kuusisto Congratulations to Tarja and specially to lovely Ami! Ami122

Helsinki INT Aptus Show 20.5.2007

Posted by Irene on May 20th 2007

Success to Vikki and Nora! Willy Lee Vicky-Pepper BOS, CAC judge Mogens Slot Hansen from Danmark. foto Heli Lillbacka

Rauma 19.5.2007

Posted by Irene on May 20th 2007

In blacks: Rossi made his come back at the age of eight years and nine months in Rauma! FIN CH, Finnsieger Willy Lee Black Rascal BOB and BOB vet, judge Leni Nousiainen and also among eight best veterans in the show, judge Pjotr Krol. Rossi's daughter from Pro Auctore kennel was BOS, congratulations to Marina also. In black and silvers, judge Leni Nousiainen: Again Rico alias Willy Lee Wild-Winner BOB and got his fourth CAC. In salt&peppers, judge Leni Nousiainen: Our sweet Vikki, Willy Lee Vicky-Pepper jun/exc1, best fem2, res.CAC.