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Lahti International Show 28.10.2007

Posted by Irene on October 28th 2007

Miniature schnauzers all colours judge Göran Åkesson from Sweden. Blacks (24): Kristopher Bikin dvor, junior exc 1, best male 3, CAC Congratulations to the breeder Zuzana Havliková in Slovakia. Also thanks to the holders of "Romeo" Eira and Juho Helminen. Owners from kennels Willy Lee and Dumond: Irene and Katja extremely happy about this result in the very strict competition. Also in black and silvers (26) FIN & EST CH, Finnsieger Willy Lee Viktor exc and best male 3. Owners Tarja Kuusisto and Willy Lee kennel.

Happy birthday 31.8.2007

Posted by Irene on September 10th 2007

Birthday greetings to some fantastic Willy Lee "children" a couple of days later! August 31st ten years ago, at the date when princess Diana died, were the great "Onni" FIN CH Willy Lee Felix-Pepper and his brother FIN CH Willy Lee Filip-Pepper born. Both boys are still very much alive, specially Onni who has two very young sons just now Zotto and Waldo, three months old. Also two other special dogs who has the same birthday, but five years later FIN CH Willy Lee Kecke "Keke" and Willy Lee Kitty "Kiti". Keke is having his birhtday parties in Raisio with his family Markku Vuorinen and Nora Ylikylä and the whole Cheantake kennel. Kiti is still our "home dog" and had a good party with our other Willy Lee home dogs Mökö, Daxi, Hupu, Raiku and Vikki plus a little Zotto. Greeting also to sister "Ritu" and brother "Ossi". keke5v foto Cheantake Kiti5v

Vantaa national show 2.9.2007

Posted by Irene on September 2nd 2007

In salt&pepper miniatures, judge Nicola Imbimbo from Italy Tiffany Astronaut, BOS, CAC Willy Lee Ofelia-Pepper, "Veera" exc2, BB4 Tristan Astronaut "Ripa", exc2 All these owned by kennels Willy Lee and Dumond. Tiffany was this time handled by Marju Poikonen. Many thanks to her. This foto "Penni" Tiffany Astronaut is handled by her "official" handler Tarja. Pennijatarja foto Xstravaschnauza Heli Lillbacka

Vantaa national show 2.9.2007

Posted by Irene on September 2nd 2007

In black and silver miniatures, judge Nicola Imbimbo from Italy: Our young Czech boy "Junnu" Once More Maly kavalir FIN41403/07, just nine months old in his first show junexc1, best male 3. His father is CZ Ch, CZjunCh, CZ ClubCh Chottans Vagabond For Me and mother Hattie McDaniel Maly kavalir, breeder Daniela Ullrichová. Thank you Daniela for giving us this beautiful nice, sweet boy! Junnu was handled by the co-owner Katja Pitkänen. Tarja Kuusisto, by whom Junnu is living, was waiting tensely the results in the horse show where she was busy. Junnu1

Tervakoski INT Show 26.8.2007

Posted by Irene on August 26th 2007

Our young black Slovakian boy Kristopher Bikin dvor FIN33008/07 "Romeo" was in his first show the first in junior class and best male 4, judge Jul Hamlot from Norway, handled by the co-owner Katja Pitkänen. A lot of thanks to the breeder Zuzana Havliková about this sweet boy. Other results: in whites: Willy Lee Dumond Snowmiss exc2, BF3, res.CAC Raikuli b&s: Willy Lee Be My Rainman exc1 s&p:Tristan Astronaut and Tiffny Astronaut both exc1.

Estonia Tallinn INT Show 18.8.2007

Posted by Irene on August 20th 2007

In miniature schnauzers all colours speciality judge Bo Skalin from Sweden: black-and-silvers: Viki EST CH FIN CH Willy Lee Viktor, BOS, Cacib, CAC became Estonian Champion and also Finnsieger, when getting the last missing INT show result from speciality judge. Owners Tarja Kuusisto and the breeder are extremely happy! A fantastic trip to Estonia with my best friend Eija-Maaria and thanks about good and friendly company of Arja, Sari, Nora, Niina, Hilkka, Satu, Pepe, Eevis and Taru. rumba2 salt&peppers: Rumba dai Medici, junCAC, best junior, breeder Takoro Zsolt, owners kennels Peacemaker and Willy Lee, groomer and handler Eija-Maaria Jussila. Judge Bo Skalin just said: Lovely bitch! Thanks to Zsolt about this beautiful creature! My great love "Manu" INT CH, FIN&S&N&EST<U CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper, exc2, owners Nora Ylikylä and Markku Vuorinen. Manu just gets better and better when he becomes older. Excellent boy. Congratulations to the owners about taking so good care of him.