Willy Lee

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Turku International Show 28.11.2009

Posted by Irene on December 1st 2009

Black-and-silvers, judge Petter Fodstad, Norway ch.class exc1, best male 2 FI&EE CH Willy Lee Be My Rainman Pepper&salts judge Malgorzata Supronowicz, Poland vet.class exc1, BOB-vet INT-Multi ChampionWilly Lee Osvald-Pepper, owner Cheantake kennel

Jyväskylä INT Cacib Show 21.11.2009

Posted by Irene on November 22nd 2009

White miniature schnauzers, judge Cristian Vantu, Romania Enzo vom Landeskroner Weiher exc2, best male 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB

ArjanEnzo photo: Arja Niemijärvi Blacks, judge Bernardo Büchner Regazzoni, Uruguay: Kristopher Bikin dvor, exc2

Romeo123 photo: Jin Kaakinen

The trip to Jyväskylä with Katja and Eija-Maaria was refreshing, the show was nice, because we had time to see so many friends and chat together. Jyväskylä Pavillion is pleasant place to organize a dog show.

Tarto Estonia 7.11.2009 INT Show

Posted by Irene on November 8th 2009

Fantastic to be at home and have good news about your breedings - again from Cheantake-team! Judge John Muldoon, Ireland: Best male3, BOB vet, Estonian Veteran Champion INT CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper shown by the co-owner Nora Ylikylä with Markku Vuorinen - Thanks again and congratuations about the success of BOB "Sisu" Axcium's American Idol and bm2 Cheantake Best 'n Original!

MULTI Champion "Manu" also EE VETCH with Nora!



Riga Latvia 31.10.-1.11.2009

Posted by Irene on November 8th 2009

Judge Inese Pablaka, Latvia in black-and-silvers: ch class exc2, ck. bm3, res.CACIB FIN&EST CH Willy Lee Viktor in pepper&salts: ch class exc2, ck, bm2, res.CACIB (C.I.B.)FIN&EST< CH Tiffany Astronaut second day both exc. judge Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal

Pennilatvia1 C.I.B. (not yet confirmed)&FIN&EE<CH TIffany Astronaut pennilatvia2 VikiLatvia1 FIN&EE CH FinnSieger Willy Lee Viktor VikiLatvia2 FIN&EE CH FinnSieger Willy Lee Viktor

Seinäjoki INT Dog Show 25.10.2009

Posted by Irene on October 25th 2009

Judge Helene Björkman, Sweden all colours:

pepper&salts: Best male 2, BOB vet, INT Champion Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper, owners Ylikylä and Vuorinen, handled by Mikko Samuli.

Sein jokiROP black-and-silvers: BOB, Cacib FI&EE CH Willy Lee Be My Rainman, owner and handler Irene Häyry blacks: Exc2, Kristopher Bikin dvor

Lithuania/Liettua INT Show 24.10.2009

Posted by Irene on October 25th 2009

Judge Ulf Bråthen, Denmark BOS, Cacib, CAC FIN&EST CH Tiffany Astronaut, became with this cacib International and Lithuanian Champion! Owners Katja Pitkänen and Irene Häyry, special congratulations to the handler Katja and many thanks to the groomer Eija-Maaria. Thanks to the breeder Mirka Suchá.

Bob ja bosLiettua BOB and BOS pennibosLiettua "Penni" BOS, Cacib, CAC, INT(not yet confirmed)&FIN&EE< Champion Tiffany Astronaut and Katja