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Happy trip to Hungary and Serbia

Posted by Irene on August 29th 2011

This time my birthday trip was made with my friend Eija-Maaria to the Central Europe. At first to Budapest with a little Bessie-puppy from Peacemaker's kennel on her way to Israel. That was quite an effort, because it is not very easy to get a dog to Israel, but we succeeded and Bessie got happily at her end in Bluez Lananasim kennel. Then we went to see our friend in Serbia from Pachino- kennel Zeljko and he had a birthday present for me which we had ordered months ago, a tiny little black-and-silver girl Maya. And at the same time Eija-Maaria had black Uma to come with her to Finland. We had a great fun as normally when we are travelling, this time in very hot conditions - 36 degrees. inserbia Irene and Maya, Zeljko Mijatovic, Eija-Maaria and Uma

ainahauskaa unkarinrajalla serbia2 rinkka With Eija-Maaria it is always fun to travel!

Keuruu 14.8.2011

Posted by Irene on August 16th 2011

In Keuruu judge Matti Luoso from Finland intermediate cl exc1, CAC, BOB Peacemaker's Aramis Pepper, owners breeder Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry, holder Petra Vaelma-Nummisto



Peacemaker's Aramis Pepper "Arska" Photos: Eeva Lahtinen

Rossi left us today!

Posted by Irene on August 4th 2011

Farewell beloved great dog FIN CH, FinnSieger Willy Lee Black Rascal, better known by everybody with name ROSSI! Suddenly came the day without warning you decided to leave us. Great sorrow is in the hearts of your holders Seija and Tuomo Kontturi as well as in my heart as the owner. I guess also your former trainer Marjut Helle will never forget you.

Rossi3 Rossi5

FIN CH, FinnSg Willy Lee Black Rascal FIN37362/98 Photos taken by me this summer, Rossi in almost ebony black harsh coat still at the age almost 13 years.

Welcome to Finland

Posted by Irene on August 2nd 2011

Kennels Peacemaker's and Willy Lee has pleasure to welcome two new boys from Rezlark kennel to Finland - pepper&salt Pooker PS Rezlark and black-and-silver Tristan Rezlark. Thank you Larisa about these promising boys!

pooker ps rezlark tristan rezlark

Pori INT 30.7.2010

Posted by Irene on August 1st 2011

Excellent, good and nice results, depends what you expect:) Judge Pedro Delerue from Portugal black and silvers: ch cl exc1, CQ,BM3 FI&EE&LV Ch Once more Maly kavalir, handler Tarja BOB vet FI CH Willy Lee Amico, owner and handler Tarja Kuusisto blacks: ch cl exc, CQ, BM3 FI&SE CH Cooper Oric Central (Mam's love) jun cl exc Willy Lee Black Barbi owner and handler Pia Vuorela

Ami Amivetbob Tarja Kuusisto with her 9 years old FI CH Willy Lee Amico BOBvet in Pori2011

BM3 "Junnu" FI&EE&LV Champion Once More Maly kavalir on the table.

Ulmusson BOB, CAC the son of our FI CH Ulmus Mengo Celebration "Aarre" Peacemaker's W Absolutely Mine, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila and Katja Pitkänen, handler Tarja Kuusisto All Photos Heidi Ojanen

Puppy photos from this spring!

Posted by Irene on July 21st 2011

Some nice puppy photos sent to me from the owners from this spring 2011:

Vilmaleikkii vilmajahuivi vilmasyliss

Photos the owner Mari Jussila from W L Frosted Issima alias Vilma

Vilma's sister W L Frosted Ira alias Siru before leaving our house, owner Pirjo Siltanen Siru

Elli Hely W L Helga-Pepper alias Elli, owner Tarja Heino and Hely-Pepper owned by Leila Karavirta Oona ja Hely Hely with "older-sister" Oona W L Oceania-Pepper

Something interesting in this bag! W L Gaby-Pepper "Siru" owner Tiina Suominen Sirukassi Sirukassi2 Sirukassi3

Sirukotona Siru at her home. Photos taken by the owner Tiina Suominen