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Friendship and Co-operation!

Posted by Irene on January 24th 2012

Happy about during many years lasted friendship and co-op with Eija-Maaria, we have pleasure to introduce our fourth by both owned puppy in the year 2011, now 5 and a half months old Maks - Panomaks X-Trail from Russia! Maks lives in Eija-Maaria's house Peacemaker's kennel. He is very lively and charming boy.

X TrailMakssmall Photo from Panomaks kennel

Pooker PS Rezlark

Posted by Irene on January 23rd 2012

Our new boy from The Czech Republic! Pooker PS Rezlark FI53245/11 breeder Larisa Rezkova, owners Eija-Maaria Jussila and Irene Häyry, holder Kirsti Salminen

Pookersivu poke

"Poke" Pooker PS Rezlark, photo Jin Kaakinen http://ansu.1g.fi/kuvat/DogShows/

"Lulu" Willy Lee Pepper Love Story

Posted by Irene on January 2nd 2012

Our sweet Lulu, sister of Amos, daughter of Manu and Penni!

Lulu, photo: Holger Nordström

Manu and Amos

Posted by Irene on December 23rd 2011

Amos/Willy Lee Pepper Love Affair with his father Manu/ Multi CH Willy Lee Osvald-Pepper, who will have his 11th Birthday in the Xmas Day. We wish him many more strong years, as you see he is still playing with youngsters:).


Manu and Amos, photo Markku Vuorinen, owner of both boys

Christmas cards in the gallery!

Posted by Irene on December 23rd 2011

Thank you everyone for remembering us!


Posted by Irene on December 20th 2011


"Amos" Willy Lee Pepper Love Affair FI56038/11 9 and half weeks old, owned by Cheantake kennel , photo Markku Vuorinen