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Photos from 2019

Posted by Irene on November 3rd 2019

Tiana - our beautiful peppar & salt female Dog-Otho's Local Girl, owned together With Petra-Sofia Ylinen, some photos from this summer. petra ja tiana FI CAC

petra ja Tiana Liettua

Some more photos from 2019

Posted by Irene on November 3rd 2019

In summer 2019 YEN Dastynella Elegant "Oliver" became Finnish Champion with Tarja Kuusisto handling him. In Lithuania we travelled together with Petra-Sofia Ylinen. We had YEN Dastynella Elegant "Oliver" with us and he became Lithuanian Champion with me as handler. And later in Estonia he was handled by Arja Niemijärvi and became Estonian Champion.

tarja ja Oliver

min  ja oliver

Arja ja Oliver

Photos from the year 2018-2019

Posted by Irene on September 6th 2018

valio Åsa - Willy Lee Frosted Ohio Star photo Natalia Karakko

Asa ja amanda asa valioksi Sorry to say, but I have been lazy to inform our good results this year, but here are some photos: "Åsa" started the year very well being BOB in the speciality show, judge Anneli Alfthan. Åsa is very often handled by Amanda Huhtala, owner Katja Pitkänen. Åsa became Estonian Champion in Imavere with Katja "Åsa" was also BOB with CAC in Pori show at the end of July.

Asa hyv pieni

Katja Pitkänen has also had success with my breeding Willy Lee Ian White "Naka" now C.I.B. (not yet confirmed) and also Czech CH and SE Ch. Here is the photo from Brno, Katja on the left with "Naka" and together with friends who had success also at the shows there.

Tsekin valiopieni

Our black import dog "Asser" My Little Pony from Dolina Rivendell was BOS in Harjavalta show handled by Tarja Kuusisto. We own together with Eija-Maaria Jussila and Kirsi Palmu this charming little boy. pony ja tarja

Nokia 13.8.2017

Posted by Irene on August 23rd 2017

Rainy day in Nokia group show, judge Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden in whites: BOB, CAC Willy Lee White Yammy "Jami" owners Jaana Haakana ja Irene Häyry

jamisivupieni jaminokiapieni

PORI INT 30.7.2017

Posted by Irene on August 23rd 2017

Judge Dirk Spruyt from Belgium in whites: BOS, CACIB, CAC Willy Lee Yan White "Naka" owner Katja Pitkänen ja Jusa Koivisto, handler Eija Nurmela


in pepper&salts: junior cl exc 1, CQ, res.CAC, BM3 Gerard Depardieu from Dolina Rivendell "Kapu", owners Irene Häyry & Eija-Maaria Jussila, holder Eetu Juhola


Tallinn 18.3.2017

Posted by Irene on March 21st 2017

In Tallinn 18.3. 2017 speciality judge Eva Borg BOB, CAC in peppersalts Uptight Jack's Salty Aedan "Aarre" owners kennels Uptight Jack's and Willy Lee & Krisse Nolvi

jani ja aarre90 janijaAarre