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About Us

We are living with my husband Paavo in the countryside in Luvia near Pori in a huge house with just a couple of dogs at home. Almost all my owned dogs are living in the homes of their holders, mostly old friends and former dog owners. Our two sons have already left our house and are having their own life, but very often still visiting us, Johannes, graduated from technical university, with his sweet wife Susanna and daughter Ellen grandma's jewel and Mattias, who has got his master's degree from the commercial university of Turku, now also married with Heidi-Miljaana.

In the front page of my sites is "Roope" FIN & S CH Greer's Dazzlin Frost my first love in miniature schnauzers. Eija-Maaria Jussila (to whom I owe so many thanks about all her knowledge and support in breeding and even more about her being my close friend almost forty years) brought Roope with her from America and I loved that dog so much and decided that some day I shall have one like him. My first mini was Roope's granddaughter, a fantastic super dog FIN & S CH Peacemaker's Cheri.

All our puppies are living family life, they are not left alone for a long day, we have always time to play with our puppies, to take them also out after the meal. Our puppies learn very easily home neats because they have been trained as early as possible. God has helped me to breed healthy, long living, and also very often beautiful dogs with good character. I am always ready to give all my help when the owners of my breedings need some consultation or when they have any need for advice.

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